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Der Weltweite Online-Marktplatz für LKW und schwere Ausrüstung
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Weitere Informationen über das LTM 1090-4.1

  • Stockid:
  • Lifting capacity: 90.000 T
  • Jib length: 69.000 m
  • First-hand: Yes
  • Availability: 27/08/2015
  • Status: Used - very good condition
  • Description: We have else LTM 1090-4.1 from 2008 with two winches, and two units from 2014 and this one from 2012. Ask us. Lifting capacity: 90 t. Crane model: LIEBHERR LTM 1090-4.1 Baujahr / Year: 2012 UNTERWAGEN/CARRIER Hersteller / Manufacturer: Liebherr Motor / Engine: Liebherr D846 A7 350 KW Antrieb / Drive: 8x8 Getriebe / Gearbox: ZF 12-speed gear box with automatic Breite / Width: 2750 mm Federung / Suspension: Hydropneumatic Bereifung / Tyres: 16.00 R25 Very good Max. speed: 80 km/h Kilometerstand / Mileage:35.906 km Betriebsst. / Op. hours: 1.570 h TÜV: Yes OBERWAGEN/SUPERSTRUCTURE Hersteller / Manufacturer: Liebherr Motor / Engine: Liebherr D934S A6 145 KW Betriebsst. / Op. hours: 3.497 h Hauptausleger / Main boom: 50 m Verläng. / Extensions / Jibs:10,5 / 19 m Winden / Winches: 1 Sicherheitseinr. / safety device: LICCON Gegengewicht / counterweight: 21 t (full) Haken / hook blocks: 1x ball, 1x 3 sheaves hook block UVV: Yes KOMMENTARE / COMMENTS "Crane undercarriage: Engine independent additional heater Cab including timers, Telma eddy current brake, storage box combined, for slings and Unterleghölzer, supporting force display, air conditioning, 12-V power outlet in the cab, means for foreign jumpstart undercarriage. Crane superstructure: air conditioning, engine independent additional heater in the crane cab including timers, remote diagnostics with the GSM module, two work lights (Xenon) on base, aircraft warning light, switchable between, LED Permanent and LED flash light, 12 V socket in crane cab, manual slide bar for emergency operation" website NB! - WE DELIVER OUR CRANES WORLDWIDE! - FOR PICTURES AND PRICE OFFER CONTACT US!
  • Type of ad: For sale / Offers


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